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Introduction to Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

VSaaS modernizes security infrastructure by leveraging the cloud for storage and access, enabling remote accessibility, centralized management, and scalability. This transformation eliminates the heavy reliance on physical hardware, offering enhanced flexibility, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Organizations looking to upgrade their security systems find VSaaS an attractive solution due to its adaptability and future-proofing capabilities.

Avigilon Alta: A Comprehensive Cloud Security Solution

Avigilon Alta, offered by Northwood Technology, is at the forefront of cloud-based security solutions. It delivers an end-to-end security suite that not only enhances video surveillance and access control but also incorporates innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics. This solution allows organizations to manage their entire security system seamlessly, providing interoperable hardware and real-time activity monitoring. By leveraging Alta, businesses can maintain a vigilant eye over their facilities from any location, ensuring comprehensive security coverage​​.

Innovative Video Security System Components

Alta’s solution is designed for flexibility, including AI-powered cameras, the cloud-based Alta Aware video management system (VMS), and Alta Cloud Connectors for extending capabilities. It supports broad compatibility and integration with third-party devices that meet ONVIF and other industry standards, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive security solution​​.

AI-Powered Analytics and Mobile Management

Alta transforms surveillance with proactive, AI-powered video analytics, offering real-time alerts and anomaly detection. The Alta Aware VMS is tailored for efficient management, providing essential features and usability for effective operation. Additionally, mobile apps for Alta Aware enable security personnel to monitor the system remotely, ensuring agility and responsiveness in security operations​​.

Future-Proof Security with Seamless Integration

Built on open API standards, Avigilon Alta encourages limitless integration with existing hardware and software, creating a scalable and automated security ecosystem. This approach ensures that investments in security technology remain relevant and adaptable to future advancements, meeting the evolving security needs of businesses​​.

Avigilon Alta, distributed by Northwood Technology, represents a strategic advancement in cloud-based security solutions, offering a scalable, intelligent, and integrated approach. It stands as a testament to the potential of modern technology to meet the complex security challenges of today’s digital age.

To discover the transformative impact of Avigilon Alta on your security operations, or to arrange a demo, contact Northwood Technology for more information.


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Publish date: 19 February 2024

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