At Northwood Technology, safeguarding lives and property forms the heart of our mission. As part of this endeavour, we provide in-depth design support for a variety of fire and life safety systems, ensuring that each solution meets rigorous industry standards and regulations.
Our design support extends to diverse solutions such as disabled refuge systems, conventional and wireless fire detection systems, aspiration systems, and emergency lighting. Each of these solutions presents unique considerations and we are here to guide you through the process of selecting and configuring the most suitable options for your client’s needs.
For instance, when it comes to disabled refuge systems, our team can help determine the most optimal locations for refuge points and communication devices, ensuring these are easily accessible and compliant with accessibility standards.

In the area of fire detection, we offer advice on whether a conventional, addressable, or wireless fire detection system would best suit the specific requirements of the premises. We consider factors like the size and complexity of the building, the nature of activities within it, and the ease of installation.
For environments with special requirements, we provide support in designing aspiration systems. Whether it’s for a data centre that needs early smoke detection or a cold storage facility where traditional smoke detectors might not function optimally, we can guide you in creating a tailored solution.

Emergency lighting is another crucial aspect of life safety systems design. We can assist with defining escape routes, selecting the appropriate lighting solutions, and ensuring the design meets all necessary illumination and duration requirements.

Throughout the process, our seasoned team works alongside you, providing guidance on selecting technologies, configuring systems, and adhering to best practices. This collaborative approach ensures the creation of efficient, reliable, and compliant solutions that protect people and assets effectively.

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