Innovative Enterprise Solutions

Since 2003, Northwood has been at the forefront of creative designs for enterprise solutions in all major industries. We can collaborate with you at an early design stage and turn your concepts into a reality.

Security Products Wholesale

At Northwood Technology, we have spent 20 years fine-tuning our understanding of security installers and consultants’ unique challenges and needs. As a distinguished security products wholesaler, we are dedicated to supporting these professionals by offering an expansive catalogue of top-tier security products from trusted manufacturers and brands.
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Enterprise Security Systems Design

At Northwood Technology, we understand the vital role that surveillance and access control systems play in shaping the security blueprint of an enterprise. As such, we have honed our skills in these areas to help security installers and consultants provide their clients with top-notch security solutions.

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Fire & Life Safety Systems Design Support

At Northwood Technology, safeguarding lives and property forms the heart of our mission. As part of this endeavour, we provide in-depth design support for a variety of fire and life safety systems, ensuring that each solution meets rigorous industry standards and regulations.
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Gate and Door Automation Systems Design

Enhancing security and convenience is a common demand of modern businesses, and gate and door automation systems play a key role in meeting this requirement.

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B2B Marketing and Tender Support

At Northwood Technology, we understand the challenges security installers and consultants encounter in the competitive B2B landscape. To help you thrive, we offer comprehensive marketing and tender support services, customized to your specific needs.
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