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C-TEC CAST Fire Alarm Protocol Training Course

Northwood Technology invites you to an engaging and comprehensive training session on the advanced C-TEC CAST (C-TEC addressable system technology) fire alarm protocol, taking place on Thursday, 13th June, at our Dublin office. This course is expertly led by C-TEC’s technical support coordinator, Luke Rigby, and is tailored for professionals eager to enhance their expertise in fire alarm systems.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Exploring CAST Technology

  • An introductory overview of C-TEC’s CAST fire alarm protocol.
  • An in-depth look at the devices within the CAST range.

Module 2: Hands-On Application

  • Detailed guidance on planning and designing a CAST system.
  • A practical, hands-on session focusing on the installation, wiring, commissioning, and programming of a CAST system.
  • The session concludes with a test exercise, allowing participants to apply their newly acquired skills.

Important Course Information:

  • Hands-On Participation: Module 2 emphasizes practical, hands-on learning. Participants are required to bring a laptop PC running Windows XP or above to fully engage in the session and complete the practical test exercise.
  • Certification Requirements: Full participation is necessary to qualify for a Module 2 competency certificate. Attendees without a laptop PC will not be able to complete the module and, therefore, will not receive certification.
  • Pre-Course Preparation: It is crucial that all participants are informed about the laptop requirement before attending the course. Please communicate this information to all potential attendees within your organisation ahead of the event.
Publish date: 09 April 2024

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