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At Northwood Technology we continue to bring our customers the best technology and world leading products. We are delighted to announce the addition of another new agency to our extensive portfolio - Ditec Gate and Door Automation. 

The Ditec range consists of automation systems that are fully adaptable for all situations. The range includes gates, industrial doors, barriers, automatic doors, rapid doors and garage doors. Utilising the most up to date technology, these systems are used throughout the world and have proved to be both reliable and easy to control.


Northwood Technology Ltd and Avigilon are this year delighted to announce their highly successful tenth year partnership agreement.  It continues to be the perfect partnership between Avigilon the industry leader in security camera technology and Ireland’s most dynamic and progressive distributor of security systems. 

Northwood Technology introduce the JO Series from Aiphone, a hands-free, video intercom with a 7-inch touch screen and smartphone connection.  Allowing you to monitor and communicate with your visitors easily.  

Due to expansion, Northwood Technology are looking for a new team member.  We are looking to recruit an Internal Sales Person who would be based in our Dublin office. 

Frank Pierce explores the regulation of the fire detection and alarm industry.  He offers his expert views on the subject and encourages you to gain knowledge in this area.

It’s a key time of year for many farmers as we move into Spring and welcome the arrival of the new-born livestock.  As a security installer you may not realise that you can offer a variety of solutions for the agri-sector.

Northwood are delighted to introduce another innovative product to the range - the CSL Router that offers rapid connectivity for any application. 

Ievo are an industry leading biometric manufacturer specialising in unrivalled internal and external finger print readers. They share their expert opinion on best practices for managing physical business security with us here:

Northwood Technology Ltd, the Irish nationwide design and distributor of the most advanced security and fire safety systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Colm Hayden to the board of the company.

Avigilon discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing video surveillance today.

At Northwood Technology we strive to bring you the most up to date technology and security solutions.  We also want to support our customers by offering them valuable training and information.

ievo is a biometric company focusing on design, manufacture and distribution of biometric fingerprint recognition products.  We share some of their insights on biometric scanners for your business.

Paxton, the UK market leader of electronic IP access control and door entry solutions, has announced the launch of the PaxLock Pro, the latest addition to its range of wireless access control solutions.

Security never looked so smart with iotega.  The next generation wireless security and automation platform provides your customers with the security they already know and trust.

Northwood Technology look at solutions for electronic surveillance for the education sector with a little help from Dahua

Dahua explain a bit more about HDCVI technology and how it can help lower costs and maximise return on investment.

Avigilon Showcases Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology and Cloud Solutions at Microsoft Inspire Conference. 

The technology of calving cameras has reduced the pressure of the season for many farmers.  With  calving season not that far away now is the time to start putting some plans in place to make your life a bit easier.

The team at Northwood Technology in Cork recently organised a night of appreciation for our customers.

Dahua takes a look at the importance of intelligent video for retail applications.  

Northwood Technology share Avigilon's thoughts on why security integrators should adopt cloud technology today.

Net2 is Paxton’s user friendly and flexible networked access control and door entry system, which is managed from a central PC. Net2 access control is easy to install and designed to make the management of any building very simple. 

The AES access control products make your home smarter.  AES Wireless Gate Intercoms are bringing you innovative technology to secure your home. Here are some of the highlights in the range

This premium monitor is the latest addition to the Paxton door entry range and comes with a host of new features and personalisation options making the Net2 Entry range suitable for more sites than ever before.

Vanderbilt provide security solutions that are agile, adaptable, dependable and that meet installer’s requirements.  Northwood Technology are delighted to be the Irish distributor of this range of solutions for the security industry. 

As Ireland’s leading distributor of security systems we strive to give our customers not only the best products but the best service we can.  With that in mind, we have decided to extend the opening hours of our trade counter at our Dublin branch.

Dahua provide the solutions to enable retailers to address the challenges in security, loss prevention, and business efficiency, among other difficulties.

Northwood Technology look at how Dahua sucessfully provides a professional end-to-end solution for different applications required by the energy industry.

Avigilon Video Analytics Technology Helps Reduce Neighbourhood Crime for New York’s Long Beach Housing Authority.

Avigilon shared an announcement about an amazing new H4 Multisensor Camera Line.

When Frank Pierce went on stage at our recent Fire and Life Safety Expo many commented that they kept the best until last. The advertised topic was Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and it certainly generated some interest 

Northwood Technology are delighted to announce that they have signed a distribution deal with world leading brand UTC. 

At our recent Fire and Life Safety Expo we heard from Brian Cannon of Silent Alert about the importance of considering deaf people when it comes to fire alarms.

At our recent Fire and Life Safety Expo we welcomed Mark Tansey of Electro-Detectors Wireless Fire Alarms.  Mark certainly flew the flag for the Wireless Fire Detectors on the day.   

The FB-Series ID  camera from FLIR combines best-in-class thermal image detail and high performance onboard video analytics in a single, and affordable bullet-type form factor that is ideal for perimeter intrusion detection. 

At our recent Fire and Life Safety Expo Neil Parkin from Advanced Electronics spoke to us about their popular fire panels and he also introduced us to some new innovations from this leading manufacturer.

Patol have been around for many years actively involved in air sampling and significantly involved in the fire industry. Early detection of heat that may cause an issue is important and Patol provide a solution that not only works indoors but also is suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

The premium monitor is the latest addition to Paxton’s door entry range and comes with a host of new features and personalisation options making the Net2 Entry range suitable for more sites than ever before.

At our recent Fire and Life Safety Expo, Andy Turner from C-Tec spoke to us about the success of their ‘Hush Button’.

The snow forced a re-scheduling but on a sunny bright morning last week we finally presented our National Fire and Life Safety Expo 2018 at the Clayton hotel in Liffey Valley.   A new date didn’t put off the visitors and we were rewarded with a great turnout.

Upon being chosen to host a number of games during the European Basketball Championships 2017, which is the chief European men’s international basketball competition held biannually, the Sinan Erdem Dome looked to strengthen their security system. Dahua provided the dome with a complete, high-end monitoring system

When you have full daylight and perfect conditions the images that can be captured by security cameras will naturally be at their best. However, we all know that many intruders choose the cover of darkness as they believe there will be less chance of getting discovered.  

When we started to organise this event we were delighted to get such a positive response.  Then the snow came and with a heavy heart we had to cancel.  The good news is that now we have rescheduled the expo and it will happen on Thursday 19th April. 

The expert team from Avigilon are once again visiting Dublin and offering any interested parties a chance to learn about their products.

Last year Northwood Technology selected Pieta House as its charity of the year.  Throughout 2017 members of the Northwood team participated in a number of events to raise funds for this great cause. 

Avigilon’s security solutions help ensure fan safety by delivering exceptional image detail and powerful system control for quick event response.

Marino Institute of Education is a unique third-level education environment based in Dublin. They made the decision to develop the site’s existing security system in order to better control the movement of staff and students around the campus. 

Northwood Technology invites you to attend the National Fire and Life Safety Expo which is taking place on Wednesday February 28th 2018. 

As the number of internet protocol (IP) connected devices in physical security systems increases, conversations about information security are a natural part of the sales process.

GJD, an award winning manufacturer of professional external detector equipment, announced the launch of its external D-TECT Pet Immune PIR Detector

Here we share news of a project where ievo completed a biometric system for access at a childcare facility. 

The National Fire & Life Safety Expo is on 28th February, bringinging together industry experts, engineers, contractors, business leaders and experienced professionals involved in fire protection, prevention and detection in Ireland.

Avigilon shares with us their Top 10 Innovative products and technology for the last year. From their award-winning Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology, to their new H4 Thermal camera line.

Due to expansion Northwood Technology are looking to hire a Business Development Manager. 

Dahua Technology is taking analogue HD to the next level with the launch of its HDCVI 4.0 range of 4K video products.

Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions.

Widely used in over 180 countries and regions around the world, Dahua’s products and solutions must be able to meet the demands of tough environments.

Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, high-definition surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. 

The team at AES have announced that they will be holding a ‘Product Launch Day’ in Dublin in the new year.  The event will be held in Croke Park on 10th January 2018.  

Avigilon complete security solutions are deployed across sites around the globe to help further enhance the security of those assets, systems and networks.

Clear day and night monitoring is important element of a surveillance system’s effectiveness, thermal imaging devices have the ability to convert heat energy into an image visible to the human eye.

Using sophisticated radar analytics technology, the APD helps to solve the challenge of accurate human presence detection in indoor areas where traditional devices may be limited.

Radio fire detection first became available in the early 1980′s. At that time they were installed in National Trust and Heritage properties only, however, they are now more widespread. 

Agricultural industries and anyone involved in that area will benefit from a robust security solution.  Avigilon show how their production solution can help protect property and machinery.     

Schools, colleges and indeed any education centre will benefit from a robust security solution.  Avigilon show how their production solution can help protect schools.

Northwood Technology recently held a seminar at the Gibson hotel in Dublin.   The CPD event attracted those from many industry sectors and different roles but all with the common interest in the design of security systems. 

On Thursday 28th September Northwood Technology held a golf day at the splendid Palmerstown House Golf Club in County Kildare.   

Engineers facing the threat, challenges and opportunities of the Global Security Industry will hear the facts at this free seminar.

Dahua have designed a system that is the perfect security system for Airports.  Here they explain why the system must have different capabilities in order to provide the complete solution that is needed for security today.   

Avigilon announce the New Mini Dome and give us 3 Big Reasons to Get Excited About their Smallest H4 Camera Line. Smaller than a smartphone and even smaller than a tennis ball.  

ievo is a biometric company that focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of reliable and innovative biometric fingerprint recognition products. Recently they shared findings from a report which we thought we would share with you. 

Avigilon worked on a video surveillance solution for the city of Venice.  In this article they tell us about the project and how it benefited the city greatly. 

AES Global are the company that make your home smarter with AES wireless gate intercoms and innovative security technology.   They recently launched a new product called Styluscom and here they share the benefits of this new innovation.  

Recently Dahua launched a new Thermal Camera for commercial use.  Here they share the story behind the new product and talk about some of the product features.

ievo Ltd is a biometric company that focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of reliable and innovative biometric fingerprint recognition products. Recently they reported on a survey which we thought we would share with you.  

AES Global are the company that make your home smarter with AES wireless gate intercoms and innovative security technology.   They recently launched an app and here they share the benefits of this new innovation.

Avigilon shares with us a recent case study where they provided an advanced surveillance system in London.

Dahua recently launched a ‘Retail Security Solution’ here they explain why and detail some of the technical highlights.

Increasingly business operators are incorporating access control and CCTV cameras into their alarm security systems.  It makes sense and adds an additional layer of protection to the business. 

It’s an unfortunate fact that unoccupied premises tend to attract unwanted visitors.  Whether this is an intruder intent on stealing or someone engaging in antisocial behaviour, these are problems that may be avoidable.  

Northwood Technology were the first ISO 9001 certified security distribution company in Ireland.    Implementing a quality management system ensured everything we were doing was centered around providing a quality product for our customer. 

While CCTV may be installed in the warehouse where your pallet of goods is picked and in the warehouse where your stock is delivered, who is monitoring the goods while they are in transit? 

Crime will always be something we have to live with but by trying to detect intruders before any damage takes place we can save distress and damage from happening in the first instance.  

People who work alone are isolated from colleagues putting them at increased risk and making them feel more vulnerable to violence even if the violence does not manifest itself.  

At the beginning of this year we decided that we would nominate Pieta House as our company ‘Charity of the Year’.  The team in Northwood Technology have really embraced the idea of raising funds for this very worthy cause.

Every week hundreds of Cash In Transit (CIT) vans travel the country delivering and collecting cash from businesses and ATMs.  Unfortunately attacks on these vans are all too common. 

Most property loss occurs in the first minutes of a break in.  In fact, when it comes to retail break-ins they typically only last for 3 - 5 minutes.   Therefore, it is important that whatever you do to stop the crime is quick and effective. 

Alan Doyle, Installation Manager speaks with us about using Paxton access control technology in some of their past projects.  This system has proved to be a reliable option for many of ATA Security customers.

Net2 is an advanced PC based access control solution from UK company Paxton. It offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to thousands of doors and with up to 50,000 users.  Easy and quick to both install and use, this software can easily integrate with many systems. 

The new Prime GSM intercom from AES is making it even easier for us to control our gates with our mobile phone.  We look at some of the main features.

We are so familiar with seeing CCTV cameras on the side of buildings or positioned high on a pole so why not a security system installed within moving vehicles? 

Advance Systems Access Control Solutions is an Irish company leading the way in pedestrian and vehicle access control​.  They installed ievo fingerprint readers recently and tell us about the project.  

Illegal dumping of household waste has been a blight on the countryside for some time.  We look at how CCTV is helping the fight against dumping throughout Ireland.  

Many hotels are looking to upgrade or replace existing CCTV security camera systems in the coming year.  So what should you look for when considering security surveillance systems for hotels? 

In this instalment of our ‘Through the eyes of the Installer’ series we speak to Crimewatch Fire and Security about the rise in interest in CCTV security systems for both domestic and commercial use. 

New technology is now available to safeguard new-borns from the moment of birth. The Elpas Infant Protection Charm will match baby and mother from the moment of delivery to the time they are discharged from hospital protecting against abduction or inadvertent switches​.

In this instalment of through the eyes of the installer we speak with Sean Kelly, Managing Director of Seakel about Dahua products and working with Northwood Technology.  Seakel Fire & Security provides a broad range of electronic security and fire safety solutions that help secure and protect people, assets, communities and infrastructures.

Dahua technology is a leading product provider in the global video surveillance industry.  Winning multiple awards for innovative products, Dahua have the second highest market share in the world. 

In this edition of 'Through the eyes of the Installer' we speak with Martin Stairs, Security Consultant at R.A.S. Group about a recent installation of an AES gate access intercom system.

By installing electric gates you are moving the first line of defence away from your front door and enhancing the security of your home and family.  AES offer systems that operate on wireless technology for easy installation and fantastic coverage. 

This month the Irish Pharmacy Union released some shocking results from their crime survey.  Pharmacies nationwide are under attack from criminals and they are looking at ways to protect themselves.

In this week’s edition of ‘Through the Eyes of the Installer’ we look at the Avigilon Analytics System and speak to Emmet Hogan, Executive Director of RE:SURE who has been using Analytics technology for over 4 years. 

Avigilon video analytics make security personnel more effective when it comes to real time response. This system has been likened to a digital intruder alarm for CCTV and has revolutionised security monitoring.

In this weeks edition of 'Through the eyes of the Installer' we speak to MF Services in Cork about some of their recent installations of Dahua CCTV camera systems  in mult-storey carparks.

Northwood Technology, the security product distributor has selected Pieta House as its charity for the coming year.  By nominating one charity this year we intend to focus our efforts to provide more funds to them and help make even more of a positive impact. 

This week in our series ‘Through the eyes of the Installer’ we speak to Whitty Security.  They recently installed the Electro Dectectors Wireless Fire System into a listed building in Wexford.

Wireless technology for fire detection systems has been around some time.  With huge improvements in recent years it is now becoming very popular not only for conservation projects but for mainstream projects.  

Last month a significant internet attack caused outages and network congestion on many websites.  New data suggests that this attack was powered with the help of hacked IOT devices such as CCTV cameras and digital video recorders

We at Northwood Technology are very proud to be the sponsors of local basketball club DCU Mercy.  They are having a fantastic season so far this year with the under 16’s remaining unbeaten in the league.

Have you ever tried to overtake a car on the motorway and at the last minute had to pull back into lane as there was another car in your blind spot?  It’s happened to all of us and can be quite a frightening experience.

It is calving season and it’s a cold dark night, the rain is starting to turn to sleet and you are nice and warm by the fire.   It’s almost time for bed and it’s been a long day, the last thing you want to do is put on your coat to go out and check what is happening in the shed. 

In this instalment of our ‘Through the Eyes of the Installer’ series we speak to David Courtney, Managing Director of Advanced Digital Security.   He has installed Dahua ANPR cameras on his clients site and he tells us all about it here.

The first time ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology was used was in the early 1980’s and it has taken quite some time to get to where it is today.  Only in the past few years has it become effective and economical enough for wider application. 

It’s a fact that people living in rural Ireland are concerned about their own safety and the safety of their property especially at this time of year.  We look at new technology like number plate recognition and explain how it can deter the criminals in rural areas.


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